• Sprachcaffe Beijing
    Our Vision is a world where languages bring people together!
  • Sprachcaffe Beijing
    Our Vision is a world where languages bring people together!
  • Sprachcaffe Beijing
    Our Vision is a world where languages bring people together!

Lucas from Italy

The school is very well located and near the residence, it's a beautiful school.

The school staff is happy and smile, the teacher is very cool and kind.

The lessons are well organized, she explained us both the language and Chinese culture.

The leisure program is very good, the visits are interesting, but I didn't like the zoo.

Oscar from France

The school is very clean, it's in a beautiful park.

There are very good teachers and staffs, they speak English very well, it's very easy to begin a conversation.

All services of residence were great!



Mr. Ko from Korea

The location is good, quiet surroundings, free entry into monuments, facilities.

The school staffs are kind.

The lessons for me was fine, it was neither hard or easy for me.

It's overall ok, except there aren't any places to rent a bicycle near the residence, I personally thought that would be convenient. Anyway, it's close to Wangfujing and Forbidden city, so it's good.

Nedkova from Bulgaria

The location is exceptional, the school is clean and well managed. There is a beautiful view from the huge window which I particularly liked.

The residence is relatively clean and the location is perfect, so I don't have any complaints.

I felt like we could have studied more for the time we had, but it seems like I was the only one who felt that way, so maybe I'm just used to a very intensive way of study.

Martina from Italy

I really like the location of this school, because it's in a park and it's easy to reach.

I think that the school staff is very knowledge and helpful.

I really like the methods of teaching, doing a lot of speaking and writing.

The residence was quite good, but we had some problems with the Chinese food.

I really like the transfer and the leisure program, because we saw all the most traditional and important attractions of Beijing.

I really like the teacher, she really improved my Chinese, and she also helped me to believe in myself.

I really enjoyed these 2 weeks in Beijing. 

Pierson Nicolas

"The school staff was excellent. Everyone is friendly and open-minded and speak English... It is very comfortable to communicate"

The text book is very good and very helpful.

Thank you for this nice trip.

Beatrice Perosin

"I really liked studying in this school: it is placed in a really quiet place that help being relaxed during lessons. The building is really big and has all the facilities that anyone needs."

"The school staff is very friendly, they helped us a lot with each problem, even stupid that we had"

"Our lessons were really interesting. We talked and wrote a lot and we also did lots of exercises. This helped me a lot remembering words and tones."

Guilia Antignani

"Sprachcaffe school is located in a park near forbidden city and it's not far from the hotel where we stayed."

Kin from Korea

It was realy good experience living in Beijing and learning Chinese, I love the class and people.

Giulia from Italy

The school is so good, the location is amazing. 

Arne from Germany

The staff is very friendly and helpful, I really enjoyed going to school.

Ms. Liu is a very good teacher, I was looking forward to every class with her and enjoyed it very much.

The residence has a very good location, overall I had a pleasant stay.

I've learnt the basics of the language, a lot about people and culture. I also met interesting and nice people.